Nickname Jandy
Sex Male
Blood type A
Marriage married
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  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. (All 5 photos) Yesterday 18:46
    • 20200922昼食 06B68B63-0308-4880-8DC3-71A68BCDDE70
    • 20200922メンズビゲン6 539804E9-4A1E-4732-8823-F283E7AD1845
    • 20200922おやつ2 6CC68BE9-3BDE-4F89-B3EA-50B4F38A5480
    • 20200922おやつ1 4D895DB8-5FF4-4B7D-9FBB-193C3CA2BCAC
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. Yesterday 6:47
    • 20200921昼食 FDC7A6AB-7984-4FE7-8655-2311A537BF61
    • 20200921夕食 FAF8DBAA-1D01-4CFF-9CE1-C4169BD369E4
    • 20200922朝食 B1A2B019-6A56-4484-8323-55B1C0051960
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. 9/21(Mon) 8:07
    • 20200921朝食 AF6B4D11-A86F-4B7B-A351-51D95787DA4E
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. 9/20(Sun) 19:36
    • 20200920夕食 1F448DCD-F12D-411A-AA4B-56846451BD71
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. 9/20(Sun) 14:14
    • 20200920昼食 B172C75C-4272-4A05-BD1A-53141A378397

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