Photos: 5.22蒸し暑い熱疲弊中相談人生生きるのがつらい後雨あす1日14℃冬Very Hot&humid,tired,HardtoLive,tomorrow14℃old超寒暖差疲労でもゼレンスキー凄い勇気なる Photos: 5.19am蒸し暑い曇りpm急降下寒い雨続く夜【気温差逆転】1日中眠い昨日一昨日は猛暑…身体ついていけない疲弊地獄過酷ボロ家狂人生活中で天候も…長年マットレスもバネが壊れた同様生産終了生きるのがつらい




President, you are so great. grateful, respectful, courageous, sincere, kind, smart, and a good person.
far away Japan and returned home in 2 days. dream?
you are in Ukraine, will definitely rebuild.
thank you existence, be careful tired.

ゼレンスキー公式 ツイート この2日間で連続ツイート数々の1つ 5.21
「Met with the Prime Minister of Japan @kishida230.
Thanked the Head of Japan Government for the invitation to participate in the #G7 Summit.

I am grateful to Japan for the $7.6 billion package of financial assistance that was previously allocated, as well as for the decision to accept wounded Ukrainian servicemen for treatment and for 100 additional trucks.

Briefed the Prime Minister of Japan on the situation on the frontline and emphasized the importance of maintaining Japan sanctions policy towards Russia.

We discussed further steps to support Ukraine, including bolstering the material and technical capabilities of the Ukrainian defense forces and demining our land.

We agreed to hold a Ukrainian-Japanese conference on rebuilding Ukraine and to involve private business in this process. I also count on the support of Japan in the issue of holding a Global Summit on the implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

We also discussed the possibility of Japanese investment in the production of hydrogen, lithium batteries, automobiles, energy equipment, as well as in the construction of overpasses and railway infrastructure.

Thank you, Japan! Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister Kishida!」

「G7, partners, Ukraine.
A busy day of diplomacy to bring Ukraine victory closer.
During the day, I met with Canada Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau, Indonesia President @jokowi, Korea President @President_KR, USA President @POTUS and Japan Prime Minister @kishida230. I participated in the G7+Ukraine Summit and "Towards a Peaceful, Stable and Prosperous World" working session involving #G7 countries, Ukraine and partners.

I visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and addressed the people of Japan.

The topic of Ukraine is principal. It is necessary.

I am grateful to all partners of Ukraine. I am grateful to the Prime Minister of Japan for the invitation to participate in the Summit.

Glory to Ukraine!」【素晴らしい動画付き】

YouTube: 18時スピーチノーカット【G7広島サミット】ゼレンスキー大統領が広島で会見「私たちは人類の歴史から戦争をなくさなければならない」


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